BLT Salad bowl with a Maple Syrup dressing

This is a superb quick, tasty and healthy salad that will complement any dish. Perfect for these lazy summer evenings. We used our Pancetta style back bacon in the recipe, but it works equally with all our other flavours. Serves 4 (as a main course) 4 x 1cm thick slices sourdough bread, crusts discarded 200g (approx. 8 rashers) Pancetta-style back… Read more →

Carrie’s Answers

How would you describe your working role at Cure and Simple? As others have mentioned this isn’t an easy question to answer, I guess my working “title” as such would be social media marketer, I make sure that all our followers are kept up to date with all our latest product launches and news. Unlike Iwona, I’m in the office… Read more →

Iwona’s Answers

How would you describe your working role at Cure and Simple? I have been with Cure and Simple for about 18 months now. On a day to day basis I can usually be found in our bespoke production facility. Form curing all the way to slicing I make sure that everything is as it should be. I work closely with… Read more →

Craig’s Answers

How would you describe your working role at Cure and Simple? Wow, great question. On a day to day basis, I generally deal with making sure we have enough bacon and trying my best to keep our awesome customers happy (which is quite easy with bacon as good as ours). I work very closely with Iwona and the rest of… Read more →

Stephen’s answers

Describe your role at Cure and Simple This has proved to be far more difficult than would seem natural. Largely because being the slightly oddball company we are, we have specific responsibilities, but not titles- though everyone is welcome to adopt one should they wish or if it makes the pursuit of their job easier. Which means there isn’t a… Read more →

Charlie Pyper

Whereabouts do you sit within the organisation? Who do you report to? I founded the company, so in a traditional sense I would have a role reporting into the Board and the other shareholders. However, it is safe to say we are not particularly traditional, and on a day-to-day basis I report into every person who works inside the business.… Read more →

The Gift of Giving

Why do we give people presents ? There are psychological reasons why giving and receiving can be beneficial to both parties, it makes you feel happier knowing you’ve brightened someone’s day. Not only that, we are social creatures and enjoy each other’s company and we can express our feelings by bestowing presents on others be it an expression of love… Read more →

Subscriptions, why are they so popular ??

You can get practically anything from subscription companies these days. From learning how to become a belly dancer in your own home, to novelty tissue boxes ! You probably wouldn’t consciously be aware of it but even Netflix and Amazon Prime are “subscriptions”, the definition means paying on a regular basis for a service. Subscriptions are actually very similar to… Read more →

Summer is finally here !!!


Bacon isn’t just for breakfast !

There is so much more you can do with bacon than you think. Summer is finally here so why not experiment by adding chopped bacon to your salads.

Jazz up your lunchtime’s with this delicious open sandwich, perfect for laid back summer days.

Grilled ciabatta sandwich with caramelised apricots, bacon, mozzarella, green salad

Caramelised Apricots

What you need;

30g/10z butter

1 tbsp brown sugar

100g/3 1/2oz fresh apricots, halved and de-stoned

What you do;

Gently heat the butter and sugar in a pan, when it starts to bubble, add the apricot halves and keep cooking until the sugar and apricots become darker in colour.

Slice the ciabatta roll in half and gently grill until light brown, place on one side.

Fry some slices of streaky bacon and place on top of the ciabatta halves.

Roughly chop some mozzarella over the top of the bacon, add some of the caramelised apricots and re heat under the grill until the mozzarella starts to melt.

Serve on a bed of fresh salad leaves.

 I’ll be coming up with more delicious summer recipe ideas, so watch this space.