Prices can come down!!

As a little family business, we understand too well the pressures that are placed on household budgets. Our plan as a business is to move our bacon from a luxurious guilty pleasure to a day to day item, without of course losing everything that makes our bacon so very tasty. We have been racking our brains and looking at where we can bring the costs down. The answer we believe is that we can ship two packs instead of one with little increase in the cost from Royal Mail. This means we can then pass this saving onto you, our loyal customers.

So launching very shortly is our family pack. 2 Packs of any of our flavours in one shipment. Got friends and family over to stay and want to spoil them at breakfast, well now you can buy a family pack as a one off and we will deliver it to your door. The cost for these two packs is a straight £9.00, no delivery charges or packaging on top. Hand cured, air dried British bacon, delivered by 1st class post delivered anywhere in the UK,  for £4.50 / pack.

For all those customers that do not have an active plan, then you can enjoy the same family pack for £10.20.

You will receive an email when we launch this, we will be in the next couple of days, or look out on the socials!

Hopefully Brexit will protect us from any nasty surprises and we can continue to find ways to bring the price of your bacon down. Any questions or comments please drop us an email at or tweet us @curesimple