Something special for someone special!

As our wonderful Summer fades and Autumn trees start their striptease it gives us here at Bacon Towers the chance to tell you about some exciting new ideas we have in store this Autumn and more importantly what amazing gift ideas we have planned this Christmas.

We are very proud to announce we have a new in-house development chef at Cure & Simple. Marcus comes with a wealth of experience and has promised to introduce a whole range of new and exciting flavours over the coming months. We’ve set him the challenge of creating or improving a new bacon every month…. He’s been beavering away in the development kitchen and has trialled some really amazing new bacons. For starters he’s created an Indian style bacon called Bangalore Knightrider which so many of you have enjoyed. It’s amazing and will be a tasty treat for weekend brunches with pitta, yoghurt and mango chutney! We will be sending out recipe suggestions for all our new ranges as they are introduced.

This Christmas we will be offering our traditional Christmas gift boxes, gift cards and subscriptions and we’ve also decided to add an amazing new offer.

Introducing the Curiosity Club– it will be limited to a thousand customers and will be a cooks tour of all the best flavours the world has to offer. A gourmand’s adventure from every corner of the globe.   Its simple:

  • On the last Friday of every month you will receive a specially developed pack of bacon with recipe ideas to maximise your enjoyment of this unique bacon.
  • All 12 flavour profiles will be created by our in-house chef.
  • A pack of our original bacon will be shipped with every welcome pack.
  • Each pack is hand cured and air dried as per our exacting standards.
  • A truly unique gift to give this Christmas to the bacon lover in your life. The Welcome Pack will be delivered on the 19th December 2018 (anywhere in the United Kingdom) and will give a detailed description of our curing process and the 12 bespoke crafted flavour profiles with recipes to try.

For only £70 you will be now able to give your nearest and dearest bacon afficianado something totally unique. 12 amazing flavour for only £70 including delivery. This will be launched in mid October 2018.