The Power of Salt

The power of salt

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of salt is seasoning. Saltiness is one of the basic human tastes.

All life has evolved to depend on salts chemical properties to survive. Humans have used it for 1000’s of years as food preservation, the most common of which were salted fish and meat, or more specifically, bacon. This process made it easier to transport food for longer distances, so people were not so dependent on seasonal food supplies. Salt was also very difficult to obtain back in those days making it a highly valued trade commodity, even becoming a form of currency to some. This led to the historic “salt roads” which reached the regions where salt was in demand, these roads can be traced back to as far as the bronze age.

Fun fact; In Briton, the suffix “-wich” in a place name, i.e Norwich, Greenwich, Woolwich etc, meant that town had its own salt source.

Salt is still used today in food preservation, the most common of which we know is in the making of bacon. See, I came around to it eventually. The benefit of rubbing salt into meat reduces the growth of microorganisms by drawing the water out of the cells and reducing the chances of any nasties being able to grow. In effect, you are pickling the meat as you would with cabbage and cucumbers. If meat is left untreated at ambient (room temperature) it will begin to decompose at an alarming rate which is why our meat today is kept refrigerated.

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The amount of ways salt can be used in other aspects of everyday life is incredible, here’s just a few examples, why not try one or two?

  • Relieve itchy stings and bites by soaking a cloth in salt water and placing over the area for instant cooling relief.

  • Combine salt and baking powder to create your own toothpaste

  • Soak stained items in cold saltwater to bring the stain out or add to your detergent to keep your clothes fresh

  • Sprinkle 2 tbsp. of salt into your smelly shoes to get rid of the nasty odours

  • Salt is an excellent ant repellent, sprinkle it along their trial and they will miraculously disappear

  • The power of salt is amazing!