The Perfect Hangover Cure: Bacon Sandwich, written by Josh Haokip from The Idle Man

Definitely, the worst part of drinking has to be the hangover the next day.

We’ve all been there 8 am in the morning on a Saturday after a night out with the guys wondering what had happened only to find yourself on a park bench surrounded by pigeons. For all those who have experienced this ordeal: I understand your pain!

So what’s the perfect cure for a hangover? ….. A classic bacon sandwich of course.

Why you ask? Here are 3 reasons why I believe they are the perfect hangover cure:

  1. Simplicity: It’s so easy to cook anyone can make it, even with a hangover. Either use a George Foreman grill or keep it traditional and fry it in a pan.
  2. Filling: There’s no argument when it comes to how filling a juicy strip of bacon inside a slice of bread can be.
  3. Taste: Who doesn’t love the taste of bacon on bread in the morning.

So, next time you decide to go wild on a night out remember to buy some Cure and Simple Bacon ready for you in the morning to help cure that hangover!

Josh Haokip is the Community Manager over at The Idle Man, an online menswear retailer dedicated to providing advice from fashion, lifestyle, music and grooming as well as catering to brands such as Barbour, Levi’s and The Idle Man label.