The Gift of Giving

Why do we give people presents ?

There are psychological reasons why giving and receiving can be beneficial to both parties, it makes you feel happier knowing you’ve brightened someone’s day. Not only that, we are social creatures and enjoy each other’s company and we can express our feelings by bestowing presents on others be it an expression of love gratitude or friendship.

Gift giving dates back as far as cavemen (well actually further if you go back to primitive times) but they only gave rocks or animal teeth, I guess if it was shiny rock I wouldn’t mind too much it was after all still a gift, and their way of expressing love or gratitude.

Governments and royalty have been presenting each other with gifts since any of us can remember, as a sign of peace and goodwill. For instance in 1947 the Australians gave the newly married queen Elizabeth and HRH prince Phillip 500 tins of pineapples, nice ! Probably something they have always wanted !! Our Monarch has also been blessed with an elephant and most bizarrely a silver box of mud from a WW1 battlefield. I’m all for getting wacky presents, but to give someone a box of dirt, which could in fairness be from anywhere, is the most random present I have heard of !

I guess the big question is though, are you the sort of person that gives a present just so that you’ll get one back, or do you do it purely for the joy that it will bring ?
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