Subscriptions, why are they so popular ??

You can get practically anything from subscription companies these days. From learning how to become a belly dancer in your own home, to novelty tissue boxes ! You probably wouldn’t consciously be aware of it but even Netflix and Amazon Prime are “subscriptions”, the definition means paying on a regular basis for a service.

Subscriptions are actually very similar to the old fashioned delivery methods used in the past where you could get your milk and coal delivered to your doorstep just with a lot more diversification.

I guess one of the major draws about getting a subscription is knowing you will be getting a surprise in the post, be it a random goodie box, or a more regular product, you’ll still get that secret buzz in your tummy when you get home and find that surprise on the doormat, I know I do.

I suppose in this digital age, the reasons subscriptions are popular boils down to our laziness. Convenience is a major factor, getting someone else to do your shopping for you. What’s not to love? But not only that, you tend to find products that aren’t available on the high street, like us for example. People always ask “why aren’t our products available on shelves ?” And the answer to that is simple. We pride ourselves on delivering a top quality product at a price that is reasonable. By not going down that route we can still give our customers the personal touch which they have all come to expect.

Not only are people subscribing to various goodies for themselves but a lot more people are choosing subscriptions as the perfect gift these days. Who wouldn’t love this ? I don’t know about you, but I find it harder and harder every year to buy people presents when they’ve inevitably got whatever it is anyway or are simply too polite, say that they loved it, all the while secretly wondering what on earth made you buy them “that” in the first place ! I find it more personal and it shows you have gone to a little more effort to get them a present they will truly appreciate.