Bacon is good for you !!

The Bonus of Bacon


How many times have you heard the expression “ Bacon is bad for you “ ? I know I have far too many times, so with this in mind, I took it upon myself to see if it’s actually true and was incredibly relieved to find that it’s not. Fantastic news for all bacon lovers !! So without boring you with lengthy medical jargon I’ve simplified it as best I could.

Hangover Cure

Did you know bacon contains amino acids, which can help clear your head ?  As well as consuming copious amounts of water the morning after a big night out, get some bacon on the go. It speeds up your metabolism which gets rid of all the bad stuff in your body quicker.

It Can Be Addictive in a good way !!

If you’re a bacon fan, you might have already suspected that it can be addictive. Well, it is. It contains several forms of umami, which produces positive brain reactions. It also improves your mood, satisfaction and lowers stress levels in a short period of time.

It’s Good for your heart !

Bacon has healthy nutrients that make it a useful part of a healthy diet. It contains thiamine, vitamin B12, zinc and selenium, which are all vital nutrients the body does not naturally produce. Most people believe that bacon is bad for you, but research is showing us that it is a lot better than you would imagine. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are the same nutrients found in fish. An extra bonus is that it also has a minimum of fat building carbs, so, if you eat it on a regular basis it will eventually lower your blood pressure & blood sugar levels helping to prevent heart disease not cause it as is most often thought !

Improves Your Energy Level

Bacon also naturally contains B vitamins & proteins, which can help with your energy levels. The next time you get that after-lunch sleepiness, munch on a little bacon. It’s a great way to give yourself a quick boost.


Are you pregnant? Did you know bacon can help achieve a healthy pregnancy as it contains choline, a chemical known to benefit foetal brain development.

So there you have it, just a few reasons why you need bacon in your life !! Not that we actually need any extra excuses to eat it, but now you can do so with a clear conscience.