Top 10 reasons why people are subscribing in droves to Cure & Simple

There are actually too many reasons why people have been signing up to our subscription, artisan bacon to list, unless I write something which would resemble a thesis, I’ve managed to nail it down to the top 10, not an easy feat by any means !

1; The quality of our bacon.

Every loin (cut of meat) is lovingly cured by hand over a period of time, up to 14 days, and then hung and air dried for up to 10 days to remove the moisture content before being sliced this gives you the luxury of having thick (minimum 2mm), delicious tasting bacon with every slice.

2; The flavours of our bacon.

Currently, we produce 7 different flavours of bacon. Smoked or unsmoked, old English, bourbon, thai and pancetta, all available with back bacon. We also have streaky bacon, plain or smoked. All the ingredients in the cure mixtures are designed to enhance, not overwhelm the bacon itself. But surely there is only ever smoked or unsmoked bacon I hear you say ! This is definitely a “don’t knock it until you try it” situation as many of our customers have been saying.


3; It’s delivered by post !

Who’d of thought it eh !! Well we did ! What could be more satisfying knowing that while you are out and about there is no need to worry that your precious bacon might be sent back to a depot because you aren’t there to sign for it. Our fab packaging means it will fit through, pretty much any letterbox. There was one occasion where this, unfortunately didn’t happen, so a new letterbox was bought for the customer, genius ! And, it’s bacon by post, what’s not to love !

But what about my dogs eating it while I’m out ?? well that just moves me nicely onto ………

4; Dog proof packaging

Like that’s ever going to work you quietly mutter. Well, actually it does. After a few trials and errors with various different deterrents we finally found one which even our own pooches wouldn’t go near with a barge pole. Whilst we can never 100% guarantee it will deter your own canine friend, we are quietly confident.

5; It’s uniquely different from supermarket bacon

No two packs of our bacon will look the same. This is because we at Bacon Towers do not inject our meat with any chemical preservatives or water and mould it into the “perfect” bacon shape. The old fashioned method of drying the bacon removes the water which is what all the nasties are attracted  to. This was how they used to preserve meat from way back before fridges weren’t even thought of. So if you are worried when your bacon arrives on the warm side due to it being posted, don’t panic it’s perfectly safe, otherwise we wouldn’t be selling it !


6; Knowing that the bacon is really reliably sourced

Happy pigs = delicious bacon. I know a lot of people don’t like thinking about turning a cute pig into what ends up on your plate, but with our pigs you are 100% guaranteed that they have had happy outdoor lives on a lovely UK farm, compared to other less fortunate than themselves. All of this means not only are we supporting our British farmers, but the quality of the bacon is superb giving you thicker slices than most commercial pack’s.


7; Above and beyond customer care

We take every single one of our customers seriously, so if, in the unlikely hood, if there is a problem with any part of an order we do our upmost so fix it as soon as possible. We also have a 100% guarantee with every pack of bacon, after all no one wants to be disappointed when it comes to bacon !

8; Gift cards

Say it with bacon !! Stuck for present ideas, or maybe someone you know just wants a boost in their life ? We provide gift cards. A completely unusual present idea that many people have said put a smile on the face of the person that received it. I know I’d love someone to give me the gift of bacon !!

9; Our referral program

In the simplest form, everyone gets their own code when they sign up with us. You can then give this code to as many people as you like and when they subscribe, not only do they get money off their first pack, you in turn, being the referee, will then receive a free pack of bacon per person that has signed up. Bonus !!

10; Flexible service

We like keeping things simple here at Bacon Towers, hence Cure & ”Simple” ! Our plans are very flexible and you can change them any time you want through your online account. If you’re going away, just tell us and we can pause your order, if you want to change what bacon you get, it’s just a click away. After all it’s your bacon so you deserve to have it anyway you want ! When you want it !