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Back in 2008 a group of friends decided it would be a good idea to keep some pigs in the English countryside, to fatten up and fill up the freezer. The premise of the idea was syndicated pork, I.E. a syndicate would share the risks, rewards and efforts in growing some tasty pigs. Any profits would be then shared amongst the syndicate. Six Gloucester Old Spot weaners arrived in May and took a one way ticket to the abbatoir in October. A crash course from the local butcher enabled the syndicate to feast on this most delicious of meat, safe in the knowledge that the quality of the product was directly influenced by its own efforts. It was through the summer of 2008, that a fascination with all things pork began for one member of the syndicate.


Fast forward 5 years to January 2013, and Charlie Pyper who had carved out a career in media and technology was chatting to a great friend and foodie Tom Kevill-Davies (aka The Hungry Cyclist) about a crazy idea, bacon by subscription shipped in the post. As quick as a flash Tom suggests that the brand should be called “Cure & Simple”. Truly inspirational! With a name like that this one idea could not be left to fester with all the other great ideas, this had to be done.


Over the next few months while making the transition from the tech and media world to full time bacon manufacturer, the idea developed further. Charlie knew lots about making bacon already through much trial and error over the past 5 years with Pig Club, but on a commercial scale this was something totally new and daunting. With the careful guidance of Jasper Akroyd (aka The Bacon Wizard), the recipes soon developed over the summer of 2013. A site was found for the making of the bacon, an Old Tractor Shed in the village of Great Hormead, in rural Hertfordshire which needed to be fully developed. While the facility was developed, a brand was developed, a website was designed, a whole application was built to underpin the whole subscription process, packaging was designed, suppliers were chosen and nearly 16 months after the original idea, Cure & Simple opened for business.


The purpose of this blog is to share the insights into what we do at Cure & Simple and why we do it! Every aspect is open to discussion and not just about the products we serve to our customers. We want to share our philosphy with you, on making the best bacon and the making of a modern company


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